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June 30, 2007



I have the same problem. I can sync my music and contacts, but the calendar does not sync. "...iphone disconnected..." message



I have the same problem. I can sync my music and contacts, but the calendar does not sync. "...iphone disconnected..." message


Julie Gomoll

Start by trying to sync one calendar at a time... it turned out for me that only 1 of 6 of my calendars wouldn't sync. Unfortunately, the only solution was to make a new calendar, relabel all the "bad calendar" events as new calendar events, and delete the corrupted one. The good new is it worked, and it now syncs fine.

I still don't know what caused the corruption. I relabeled events going back to January, and they all seem fine.


You guys are gonna love this. Yes there is a promblem syncing with iCal and it seems you have to go through the time consuming task of changing the calendars events belong to. This doesn't have to be done one event at a time though! You will save yourself a huge amount of time if you do this: first create a new calendar event. Then when you find a faulty calendar export it to your desktop. Next open the exported file. When you do you'll be prompted to pick a calendar to import to and you should pick the new empty calendar you created. Now delete the calander that won't sync. If only I had figured this out 10 hours ago!


I don't know how long syncing to iCal is suppose to take, but I think my Mac mini is having problems syncing with my iPhone. It takes forever and I just started using iCal. I also deleted all of the calendars (exported them first, thanks Chad!) and imported all of them into a single calendar. And the iCal syncs forever. I think there is something wrong. What can it be?

Julie Gomoll

Great idea, Chad - wish I would've thought of that sooner, too.

Jin - is everything else syncing ok? If it's just iCal, sounds to me like whatever was corrupted got imported into your new calendar. Do you still have the original calendar exports? Try importing, then syncing one at a time. Maybe you'll come across the corrupted one. Failing that, I'd make an appointment at the genius bar. Good luck!


I just spent 10 hours with this problem and none of this advice helped, my ical sync just went on and on. Finally I found the answer on apple discussions. You need to launch isync and reset the old sync settings. That fixed everything.
I too LOVE my iphone and have been waiting for it for a year, but the activation and this issue was FRUSTRATING.

Bob Hendrich

Thanks Cristine! I had the same problem, and was not finding anything on Apple's discussion boards. That link did the trick (turns out turning off time zone support on the phone is necessary as well).

Sam Johnson

Hi Julie. You've probably found it by now, there's a favorites list for contacts, it's the icon on the bottom-left when you're in phone mode. I'm going to try the exporting calendars trick, hopefully that will work for me.

Julie Gomoll

Yeah, thanks Sam. That helps, but depending on what you were doing last, it can still be quite a few touches to make a call. And without the tactile response of a keyboard, it's just a bit more hazardous to call someone while driving.


I did find a solution for the bug, it has something to do with having read only Calendars (subscribed and birthday Calendars) and they way they are sorted in the iCal application,
the details are in this link:


sure hope this helps you, as now i think i can sync all my calendars, and have my iphone entries actually show up on iCal.
good luck

Julie Gomoll

Wow, Omar, thanks. You just gave me a solution to this other problem which I just discovered today... events I enter on my iPhone (which is kind of a pain, I might add...) don't show up when I sync. Your solution couldn't have been better timed for me!

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