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March 20, 2007


Raven Zachary

Did you go back to using a Mac? I seem to recall that you switched to Windows in 1998. Am I mistaken?

Yes, I am still running and Mac, and yes, I am buying an iPhone.


To be fair if you're running Windows on your Mac you would still need some sort of virus protection software for that - but like you said - none for the Mac.

Though my development work has been limited to Windoze and Linux servers for the last few years I've always had a special place in my heart for Macs. In my mind Macs have always had the more "elegant" operating system and I'm thrilled to be using a Mac again. Windoze has the appearance of being kludged together from and infinite number of patches. On several occasions I've had to tweak software that ran fine on a PC a month earlier because Microsoft decided to switch the rules in mid-stream. It has been exceedingly frustrating.

Julie Gomoll

Yes, Raven, I switched back earlier this year. Check out "Switch to Mac" in the tag cloud - I've documented some of it. Short story: getting Windows running on it was painful, and I am absolutely thrilled to be back.

Yes, Dan, you're right - I have to use virus protection on my guest OS. I got into all kinds of trouble when I installed Windows while online - I was immediately inundated with malware.

I'm like one of those annoying ex-smokers who can't stand to be within a city block of tobacco... I can't stand to use my PCs any more.

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