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September 06, 2007


Dan G

Well obviously I would have bought the iPhone day one anyway however I think the iPhone price drop situation is sort of unique.

Given the time frame (2+ months) a $200 (33%) price drop is huge - even in the tech world. I don't hear too many owners of PS3s complaining about the $100 price drop ($599 -> $499) almost a year after it was released. The PS3 price drop is more in the range of what we have been conditioned to expect.

As far as the ethical issue I'm not sure. If you disagree with Bush on his tax policy do you voluntarily pay more to the government because you think the policy is wrong - or do you pay less taxes? It might be an interesting political statement to pay more but your "moral obligation" to do so would be gray at best. That's the same way I would look at the iPhone credit issue. If it is still bugging you take the $200 credit (for the two phones) and buy a nice printer or something. Donate it to a school, shelter, or somewhere else appropriate.

..of course you could also pick out something nice at the Apple store and ship it to your little brother. That would be nice.



I'm inclined to trust Apple on this. They are giving a credit in Apple stores to buy more Apple stuff. What are the odds that many of us will spend slightly more than our $100? Bringing the obviously DEVOTED segment of early adopters into Apple stores and the online store is worth a lot, right there.

And then there's all the press it bought them - I suspect pretty cheaply.

And er, right before Christmas buying season, being in the news as a company that will protect their pricing decisions? Pretty valuable goodwill with both current and future buyers.

One of their prime assets is the loyalty of their customers - it's worth protecting.

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