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July 15, 2008


Steve Odom

the battery problem might be a 2.0 problem. I didn't upgrade to 3G but did upgrade to 2.0 and now my battery doesn't make it through the day.

Julie Gomoll

I read somewhere (probably a blog, heh) it was a chip problem, but of course now I can't find that reference.

Either way. My iPhone 3G is significantly less useful than my "old" iPhone.

And IMO, while the speaker does seem clearer, it doesn't seem to be any louder.

Manton Reece

I haven't upgraded to the 3G model yet either for mostly the same reason. My old iPhone works fine. But having said that, if you aren't using a bunch of new apps, I'm sure it's the 3G. Try turning that off until you need it.

Now I'll go back to draining my battery the old-fashioned way, by playing new iPhone games. :-)

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